Hate, hostility and prejudice?

Everyone in Barking and Dagenham has the right to be treated with dignity and respect and to live without fear of hatred – help make B&D Hate Free

  • Strangers, neighbours, work or school ‘mates’ or even family…
  • …hostile or prejudiced towards you because of your gender, race or ethnicity, disability, religion or belief, age or LGBT status – real or perceived?
  • Verbal and/or physical hostility, theft, vandalism, one-off, often repeat, low or high level, in the street, home, school, on transport, at work or online?

BD CAB’s Hate Crime Project treats all incidents seriously

  • Free, confidential and independent services.
  • Incident monitoring and mapping.
  • Advice, info, advocacy and support.
  • Training and awareness events and talks.
  • Research, policy and campaign work.

Equalities and Human Rights Commission 2011 says

Hate Crimes incidents hurt three times more than non-hate incidents with 57% not reported to police.

Submit a report on-line to BDCAB to:

  • report or log an incident anonymously
  • log an incident and your details in case something happens again
  • witnessed an incident and want it logged
  • need information, advice, advocacy or help?

call us on 020 8507 5968
Or drop into Barking or Dagenham Citizens Advice Bureau.